A New Web Address!


The address of the Tennessee Certified Peer Recovery Specialist Conference has CHANGED.

The new address is http://www.tn-cprs.org.

Please update your browser bookmarks with this new information.

The old address (tn-cps.org) will continue to be functional for a time to allow you to move over to the new address.

We hope to see you in September!


The website has been updated with things like the Reservation information, Sunday night entertainment, and the Sponsorship packet. All are on their respective pages, which can ge found in the header bar above.


Sunday Entertainment

Our header bar is getting crowded! I just added “Sunday Entertainment” to it! Please check it out, we are going to have some Mental Health oriented stand-up comedy Sunday night. Please go here and read what’s going on and when/how to get a spot to see this show!